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Student uses a Digital Camera (supplied in your Student Sign Up Kit along with Textbooks & Supplies) to take digital photos of  their completed assigned Lesson Artwork for each lesson. The student sends those photos as email attachments to the teacher who draws, paints & comments on the work & posts a critique of each lesson on our WEB site, a personalized How-To-Do-It-Better Critique for the student to view 24/7/365 See a sample critique by clicking here.

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September, 2013 was the 11th Anniversary of our Online Art School on the WEB with students in 22 countries all over the world as well as all over the USA.

Have you ever watched an artist work and wished you could be an artist or be a better artist or craftsperson? Have you always had an appreciation . . . an excitement . . . for nature, but no time or funds for artistic lessons? Whether you are looking to develop a stress-relieving hobby, to express your love of nature, or to begin a new career, you can learn oil painting techniques through my interactive, oil painting course.

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Sample the quality of the instruction you'll receive before you enroll. Click here to see a Sample Critique or see All Free Mini Lessons Anyone who has desire, excitement and determination. If you want to study to paint, I can teach you on our site over the web! Course Costs Discover what is included in your tuition, what to expect, and how you’ll complete your lessons while attending classes via the web.

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As a professional, exhibited oil painter with over 40 years experience, I have helped many people create good pictures. However, I kept hearing the same common struggles. Students did not have the time to travel to class, they did not have hours to attend the sessions, and they did not have unlimited funds to pay for lessons. To help solve those problems, I founded my interactive web based oil painting course. Here we teach drawing and painting so you can become an artist or improve your art.

Now I can help you become an artist via the Web! There are tremendous benefits of taking lessons from an artist in a Web based school at home including:

                 course communication bullet Interactive communication with me, your distance learning course instructor using email and viewing my critiques of your work on your personal Web folder the school's web site.
All materials are included – 10 heavily illustrated artist's textbooks, canvas pads, paints, drawing set and digital camera!
communication bullet 24/7 availability – take each art lesson when you have time.
communication bullet Personal critiques of your art lessons including specific instructions so you can increase your artistic skills.

Reduced cost compared to traditional brick-and-mortar courses.

Through Internet technology and use of a digital camera (included with your tuition), you can receive a high level of attention and instruction through our Web Based Course's Personalized Critiques of YOUR artwork.

Enroll today! Study art at your own pace, with full interaction and instruction. You’ll be amazed at the level of creativity you possess that is just waiting to be released through our Course. You learn at home with supplied books, mini lessons on our Web site and hand drawn or painted critiques by me posted to your folder!


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Student Testimonials

My drawings & Paintings

Free Art Lessons – Oil Painting Techniques
(click on each Mini Lesson below to see them)

Art Lesson 1
Sample Critique

Art Lesson 2:
An Introduction to Form In Oil Painting

Art Lesson 3:
A More Advanced Form Lesson

Art Lesson 4:
Color Phases - One of the Secrets of Making A "Real" Picture

Art Lesson 5:
Using A Camera, Vermeer's Secret "Brush"

Art Lesson 6:
Creating Mood In A Painting

Art Lesson 7:
The History and Practice of Preparing to Paint a Realistic Painting

Art Lesson 8:
Local Color and Its Relationship to Form

Art Lesson 9:
Using Ovals to Create Drawings and Other Tools of the Trade

Art Lesson 10
Basic Composition ("Composition 101")

Art Lesson 11
Rendering Trees and Simplifying Them

Art Lesson 12
Is Tracing OK? - DaVinci Thought So

(An article by me As Published on EzineArticles.com)

Art Lesson 13
Is Copying Photos OK? - Norman Rockwell Thought So

(An article by me As Published on EzineArticles.com)

Art Lesson 14
The Secret of Picture Making - Composition
(An article by me As Published on EzineArticles.com)

Art Lesson 15
Oil Painting Art Course: Learn to Paint Copying Paintings in Museums or at Home, Michelangelo Did

(An article by me As Published on EzineArticles.com)

Art Lesson 16
Oil Painting Art Course - Learn to Draw & Learn to Paint - Step by Step

(An article by me As Published on EzineArticles.com)

Art Lesson 17 (Guest article from EzineArticles)
Choosing A Watercolor Brush

Art Lesson 18
Camera Distortion

Art Lesson 19
Color Palette:
What Colors Do I Use?

Art Lesson 20
Oil Color Dilution & Medium
Turpentine, Linseed Oil and More

Art Lesson 21
More on Oil Painting Medium & Cleanup

Art Lesson 22
Prepping for Oil Paintings
with Thumbnails

Art Lesson 23
Oil Painting Over Giclees

Art Lesson 24
New Tool for Artists:
A Hand-Held Scanner

Art Lesson 25
Atmospheric Perspective

Creating Depth In Your Paintings

Art Lesson 26
Using an Opaque Projector

Art Lesson 27
More Technical Painting Issues

One of my Paintings:

(To see more of my paintings click here)

Testimonials: One shown below, for more testimonials click here

Hello Barry,

     Thank you for your critique and suggestions. It means a lot to me! Thank you! I will look into my new assignment and do some research and study based on your suggestions.

Cannot wait to get it.

     Thank you again!

Student in Shanghai, China


Some of My Articles on the WEB:


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2001 - 2013 Interactive Art School


Personal Note:
I, Barry Waldman, founded this school in 2001.
I've set up art courses in learning oil painting techniques, freehand drawing and painting in color. I've offered training in private classes and art classes at University level. I pioneered online art training courses in painting education. I've applied these high tech tools in distance learning, home schooling, art home study, correspondence schools, art education online and distance education. Art at home is how I will teach you how to paint, draw human form, learn color theory through training at home.

  • We cover sketch technique, color theory, composition, art instruction and how to doodle your ideas in “thumbnails”. We teach lessons in drawing people and lessons or tutorials and in the art of color.

  • I've taught figure drawing, composition, perspective drawing & the art of drawing. We teach you to draw people & paint the human body in color not in live classrooms but over the web.

  • Here are answers that artistic students pose "can you teach me to draw and paint in color" or "how do I become an artist".

  • These art education lessons, home schooling and drawing programs are for anyone of any age.

  • Get help and instruction in drawing and painting in color from this top drawing course. Your teacher analyzes your drawing and color painting techniques and posts critiques online.

  • This is not a career course. It's a hobby course. It is a drawing and painting school for those interested in realistic art drawing and painting instruction.

  • Take online drawing lessons, art classes and study fundamentals, and color theory on the internet to draw real people, draw the human body and draw realistically.

  • Study art in our online course with my drawing and painting instruction. Each of your drawn or painted lesson assignments which you photograph and email me gets you a personalized critique of your work which you will see on the school Web site.

  • Take art classes on the Internet and you can learn perspective, color theory and draw people pictures. You study realistic drawing and color painting techniques. Grow your artistic ability via an internet art course with art lessons you study at home. Then email photos of your work to the course home email address.

  • You draw people and I teach you creative drawing of human form and how to draw real people. We will help you enjoy creative art activity and develop your ability artistic.

  • Most of your study is at home and done away from the computer. You'll take lessons about color theory, perspective drawing lessons, drawing the human form. You will then create your own paintings.

  • You'll discover yourself best through this online training/internet course at home at your own pace. Home activity is the key to our teaching technique.

  • Our new "Just Learn to Draw" course offers drawing help, drawing instruction for people who just want to study drawing with no color lesson rather than those who also want to learn painting in color via our online art school.