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Twenty-Seven “Mini” Free Art Lessons

As you learn to draw and learn to paint, you’ll discover that several different techniques form the foundation of your art – color, form, mood, and so on. These are fundamental oil painting techniques that you will refer back to time after time. That’s why I have chosen to include these specific oil painting techniques as mini art lessons that you can sample.

As you will see from each of the free art lessons, you will be learning to paint in “classical realism.” When you learn to draw using this style, you’ll incorporate each of the free oil painting techniques and principles shown in the art lesson menu below.

When you enroll at our Interactive online art school, you will learn to draw and learn to paint using these oil painting techniques under my complete guidance and instruction. Together – with my knowledge and your passion – we’ll unlock your creativity and develop your potential!

Free Art Lessons – Oil Painting Techniques
(click on each Mini Lesson below to see them)

Art Lesson 1
Sample Critique

Art Lesson 2:
An Introduction to Form In Oil Painting

Art Lesson 3:
A More Advanced Form Lesson

Art Lesson 4:
Color Phases - One of the Secrets of Making A "Real" Picture

Art Lesson 5:
Using A Camera, Vermeer's Secret "Brush"

Art Lesson 6:
Creating Mood In A Painting

Art Lesson 7:
The History and Practice of Preparing to Paint a Realistic Painting

Art Lesson 8:
Local Color and Its Relationship to Form

Art Lesson 9:
Using Ovals to Create Drawings and Other Tools of the Trade

Art Lesson 10
Basic Composition ("Composition 101")

Art Lesson 11
Rendering Trees and Simplifying Them

Art Lesson 12
Is Tracing OK? - DaVinci Thought So

(An article by me As Published on EzineArticles.com)

Art Lesson 13
Is Copying Photos OK? - Norman Rockwell Thought So

(An article by me As Published on EzineArticles.com)

Art Lesson 14
The Secret of Picture Making - Composition
(An article by me As Published on EzineArticles.com)

Art Lesson 15
Oil Painting Art Course: Learn to Paint Copying Paintings in Museums or at Home, Michelangelo Did

(An article by me As Published on EzineArticles.com)

Art Lesson 16
Oil Painting Art Course - Learn to Draw & Learn to Paint - Step by Step

(An article by me As Published on EzineArticles.com)

Art Lesson 17 (Guest article from EzineArticles)
Choosing A Watercolor Brush

Art Lesson 18
Camera Distortion

Art Lesson 19
Color Palette: What Colors Do I Use?

Art Lesson 20
Oil Color Dilution & Medium Turpentine, Linseed Oil and More

Art Lesson 22
More on Oil Painting Medium & Cleanup

Art Lesson 22
Prepping for Oil Paintings with Thumbnails

Art Lesson 23
Oil Painting Over Giclees

Art Lesson 24
New Tool for Artists: A Hand-Held Scanner

Art Lesson 25
Atmospheric Perspective
: Creating Depth In Your Paintings

Art Lesson 26
Using an Opaque Projector

Art Lesson 27
More Technical Painting Issues

The Creator of the Mini Lessons Your Art Instructor,
Barry Waldman

I created the mini Lessons above. First and foremost, I am an artist. Since my graduation from Pratt Institute in 1956, I have been awed by each and every facet of the art creation process. I also love to share my knowledge, and inspire a love of art (through drawing lessons, oil painting techniques, etc.) within others.

I teach realism, and my art courses are based on the classical training tradition of European art schools. I don’t believe in shortcuts or “tricks” when learning to draw. I believe in making the picture pleasing to the eye, as well as a record of a very specific time and place. This applies to drawing, sketching, oil painting, and other art styles.

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